November Tarot Reading For The Collective

If you’ve been personally attacked by Mercury’s retrograde, same. Thankfully the chaos of this all comes to an end on November 3rd (ironic, right?) While things may be calming down, these tarot cards share further insight to what we can expect this month to hold.

Card 1: Theme for the month

Ten of Wands shows a man carrying a huge bundle of sticks. Yes, that’ll be us this month, so be prepared to carry the weight of more responsibilities and hard work. You may find yourself a bit busier than usual this month; however, it’ll all be hard work that has a clear end in sight. The number ten marks the end of the series, so that represents the end to your stress and extra responsibilities too. You’ve been working hard to realize your goals, and now you’re in the final steps. Sure you may be exhausted when this is all over, but a break is coming soon that will show that it has all been worth it. For example, you might be working a lot more than usual this month, but you know this money will come in handy for the upcoming holidays. For many, I think this “break” could be spending time with family for Thanksgiving, or even treating yourself to some Black Friday shopping. 

Card 2: Obstacles

If there was a card that embodied that rebellious teen phase, it would be this one. The reversed Hierophant shows that some of the obstacles this month may come from our own rebellion. We’ll be tempted to go against the status quo this month and really question the world around us. If we find that we aren’t satisfied, this will be the month to demand change. 

This is an indicator that you no longer need external approval to succeed. You’ve grown and become more confident in yourself and your beliefs, so now you’re ready to express that. Trust yourself and go against convention. You may find that traditional structures and how society says to do things isn’t going to cut it anymore. If that’s the case, it’s time to make your own rules.

The obstacle is not going against the grain—in fact, this card encourages you to do so. However, it warns you to prepare to be met with strong opposition and conflict from others. Now is the time to make your own rules and redefine yourself, and some may disagree with disrupting that routine. Don’t let the judgements of others stand in the way of your need for change.

Card 3: Advice and encouragement

The Emperor is the father archetype of the deck. While it may not necessarily mean that your own father is going to offer up some great advice for this month, someone in this “leader” position may. Typically this card refers to someone who will go out of their way to protect and defend you, and it is someone who naturally grounds you. This will be a key player in your life this month, so be sure to reach out. This important person in your life is going to be able to provide you with some clear-headed advice this month, and it will give you a much better sense of guidance and reassurance. 

This card also encourages you to share your own wisdom. As you gain valuable advice, pass on what you have learned to someone who may need it. Mentorship will flourish the month, so give and take all of the guidance you can this month. Embrace helping others this month, and look out for your loved ones. With that, you may need to step in and become someone else’s “leader.” Embrace being a rock for someone, and open yourself up to listen to those who need it.

Written + Captured by Christy McDermott

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Christy McDermott is currently a senior from Penn State studying journalism. In her free time, she loves to create art and write for her blog. Some of her passions include fashion, traveling, skin care + expressing her creativity.

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