First Look: Embody Film + Lookbook

Embody feels like a personal journal entry for 2020 ~ when it came time for me to design a holiday collection I sat down and reflected on a wild year 2020 has been, for everyone, and asked myself after all this time, what do I have to offer? I felt striped down, vulnerable, exhausted, yet proud of all the parts of myself I had to embody in order to get through the year.

There’s been times when I’ve needed to be loving, compassionate, and strong through loss. There’s been times when I needed to organize and strategize my business in order to ensure survival and there were times when I needed to set boundaries, protect myself and my family, and overcome some massive obstacles through it all. This year has striped me down, made me realize what I truly want in life, and how I want to move through this journey. It’s brought me to my knees in more ways than one and at the end I’m grateful for all the lessons and growth. I think collectively we’re all experiencing this wild shedding, transformative, and enlightening year in our own ways. It may feel all too much some days, with interwoven days of understanding, acceptance, and peace. 2020 has been a year of reflection, questions, awareness, loss, and love as we all move through this time and as Sheri, our beautiful and loving muse said, “2020 has brought us back to our foundation and really made us find and realize each of our purposes and what really makes us happy.” 

Finding and sourcing gems in 2020 has been super challenging due to our favorite gem shows being canceled. We usually hand pick each strand in person checking for a multitude of quality points but this year was different. In turn we took a pause on full Mala collections and spent the entire year carefully sourcing our gems online spending months carefully curating our jewels just for this collection. I’m so thrilled to offer our newest and latest Mala line ~ Embody… 



Full Drop Breakdown

~ Labradorite Jewels ~ 

Thursday, November 19 at 7:00PM EST

~ Aquamarine Jewels ~ 

Thursday, December 10 at 7:00PM EST

~ Rose Quartz Jewels ~ 

Thursday, January 14 at 7:00PM EST

Lookbook + Film

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels

Music ~ Blue – West Coast Massive Remix by Caroline Pennell and West Coast Massive

Muse ~ Sheri Thorn

Photography ~ Hannah Skedsvold

Creative Director ~ Hannah Skedsvold

Videography ~ Hannah Skedsvold

Styling ~ Hannah Skedsvold + Katherine Manley + Sheri Thorn

Production ~ Black Valley Creative

Assisting ~ Hieu Le

Clothing ~ Twice is Nice

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