Meet the Muse: Giuliana Gonzalez


At Malabella, our muses are our source of inspiration, a wellspring for us to create a collection that represents and carries the stories and intentions we infuse into the jewels.  Often times we wait to finalize designs until we’ve found our perfect muse and add pieces and edits that we believe our muse would wear during their travels and as a source of growth, meaning, and purpose.

We were so happy to invite Giuliana to be our inspiration for Ayer. Ayer is a collection designed to represent and celebrate the mountains that surround us here in Virginia. The fresh air, the shadows along the horizon, the greens and blues of Nature’s bounty. Giuliana was the perfect person to encapsulate our appreciation of Mother Earth’s boundless beauty. She was easy to work with, sassy and sweet in all of the best ways, and celebrated this special collection along with us with grace and talent. Meet our Muse, Giuliana Gonzalez…



Ayer-3 (1)






Malabella: What do you love to do for fun?
Giuliana: I love to exercise and explore new restaurants and foods. I also love to travel and see different cultures!

M: What’s your sun sign?
G: My sun sign is Capricorn.

M: What are your favorite forms of expression?
G: Some of my favorite forms would be photography, decorating and organizing.

M: What inspired you to become a model?
G: Admiring beauty- the feeling of feeling confident and finding beauty in your own skin. A journey of self confidence.

M: What is your favorite kind of modeling to take part in?
G: Outdoor modeling in nature, also beauty and make up.

M: What’s a daily ritual you practice?
G: I like to practice deep breath work along with posture correction. To clear my mind and relax my body. Positive self talk as well.

M: What is your favorite mantra or intention?
G: I am worthy. I am beautiful, I am smart and I am capable of achieving anything I put my mind and energy into.

M: Where are you originally from and where have you lived/traveled to? Which place is your favorite?
G: I was born and raised in NJ. My mother is Peruvian and my father is Costa Rican. I’ve traveled to both countries, along with other countries, such as: Italy, Mexico, Panama, Aruba, Dominican Republic, and St Lucia. My favorite place is Costa Rica. That country will forever have my heart. The animals, the beaches, the volcanoes and rainforests. If you close your eyes you can hear so many different birds and insects within one simple minute.

M: When you were here in Virginia for the shoot, you loved the beauty of the mountains and scenery. You now reside in central New Jersey, about an hour away from NYC. Do you think you’ll move to a more rural place eventually?
G: Definitely. I like to venture into the city life every now and then. But there’s nothing like relaxing in quiet places with nature and privacy. I like to spend time by myself and I love feeling relaxed.

M: Where do you see yourself in five years?
G: In five years I see myself in a small beautiful home in a warm area. Hopefully creating memories with my partner or family.

M: What’s your favorite piece from Ayer and why?
G: My favorite piece from Ayer is the Emerald Drip Gold Choker. I love how the choker sits on my collarbone. I love green and natural colored tones so the color green gives me a serene feeling.

M: Sunrise or Sunset?
G: This is hard because I love both. I’ll have to pick sunset because I feel the clouds reflect so many beautiful different shades of colors, more than a sunrise. I also like the time of the sunset because you have that perfect moment to reflect on the day you had.

~ Malabella Jewels

Muse ~ Giuliana Gonzalez

PhotographyBlack Valley Creative

Still Edits ~ Hannah Skedsvold // Earthen Creative

Clothing ~ Twice is Nice Consignment Boutique // Winchester, VA

Location ~ Trout Pond Recreation Area // Trout Pond, WV

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