First Look ~ Opal Rising Drop I

Spring new beginnings, our Opal Rising Collection represents the rise from the ashes, the rebuild, and the rebirth after a dark night of the soul. Water was the main element of healing, flow, and ease as we incorporated breathtaking Opals, precious Pearls, and rare Aqua Kyanite gems alongside 14k Goldfilled metals bringing together the elements of water and fire.

Our amazing muse Giuliana Gonzalez returns as the Ayer Collection story continues as we return back into ourselves. A return home. New lessons learned. A rebirth. A rising. Stunning Opals dance in rainbow hues and lean stunningly in shades of lavender and indigo for our first drop, Thursday, March 23rd at 7pm EST.

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels

Muse ~ Giuliana Gonzalez

Photography ~ Black Valley Creative

Editing ~ Hannah Le Skedsvold

Creative Direction ~ Hannah Le Skedsvold 

Assistance ~ John Le

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