A peek into Sacred Love


Happy Full Moon sweet friends! Today’s some triple cosmic magic as we move into a Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, and New Year Comet! What better day to take a look into our newest collection Sacred Love, with notes on inspiration, behind the scenes peeks, and a gorgeous campaign shot by the ever talented Tutti staring our muse, Andrea. What a dream it was to work with these ladies! Even from afar they understood my vision and message, and they spun a beautiful work of Art. So I give to you Sacred Love. . .  

I’m so thrilled to announce the release of our first Rose Gold collection, Sacred Love. This collection has been a dream in the making and is inspired by the precious moments we take for ourselves in sweet love. Luscious gemstones in shades of Blush, Beige, Berry, and Creams pair wonderfully to create a collection of pure love, compassion, and joy.

A few months ago, I caught myself in a deep daydream, crafting a new collection of Rose Gold. I’ve recently fallen in love with warm tones. It’s a new love affair, as my ride-or-die Blues, Greens, and Purples watch, grateful I’ve connected with their color cousins. I’m falling in love with the warmth of burnt orange, the fire of sweet red Carnelian, and the vibrancy of yellow. Damn, I never thought this day would arrive. I’ve always been such an Aquarian baby with a sweet connection to the sea and lush mountains. I now find myself mesmerized by the desert and the wild tropical jungles, all rich with oranges and reds married beautifully with my ride-or-die colors. It’s such a sweet moment as I have a deep love for colors, designing, and color theory. I believe the colors we love, surround ourselves with, and avoid have a direct correlation with our lives. Warm colors are directly related to our Sacral, Solar, and Root Chakras. They represent and connect us with our stability, power, self- confidence, sexuality, and creativity, all of which directly affect our self-love journey. I’m so grateful to add these sweet tones to my palette. I’m loving this sweet play with my new friends. Sacred Love is my first collection inspired directly by gorgeous warm tones and I can’t wait to play more.


When I set out to design Sacred Love my intention was to pair the gorgeous warmth of Rose Gold with stones that evoke self-love in all forms. Self- love is an individual journey so I wanted an array of luscious gems that would evoke different meanings and symbols for each wearer. I knew instantly that I wanted to incorporate Carnelian into the collection and pair her with Rose Quartz. The Love Empress Mala was the first piece that came to me and I knew I wanted a Mala that would exude a fiery, passionate energy while letting the wearer act from a place of love. The Love Empress Mala is 100% designed for women like myself, living a creative life that fuels passion with fire while living off her creative, self-sustained work. This Mala is for the light workers, the lady bosses, mothers, creators, artists, and above all, it’s for healing and making space to do the good work.


Another gemstone I knew I had to work with for Sacred Love was White Howlite. White Howlite is such a universally loved gemstone; the simplicity yet uniqueness of each bead is captivating and her energy is soothing, warming, and extremely peaceful. When I told our tiny MB team (Hi John & Emma!) that I wanted to create a Rose Gold collection, they both instantly looked at me and said, “White Howlite?” But of course, my friends. The Cosmic Bliss Mala was initially going to be all about White Howlite and this gorgeous White Topaz Moon full of clarity, purpose and a sweet connection to our intuition. But one night as I laid in bed, eyes closed, I thought of Cosmic Bliss and saw Clear Quartz, and I knew it belonged. This piece radiates pure magic and is by far the most popular of the new collection.

1One morning, amidst the flurry of designing Sacred Love, I came to a standstill; I wasn’t sure where to go next. Warmth and pale Rose tones with notes of love, compassion, and happiness were at the forefront of my mind, and I knew I needed to incorporate them into the collection even more. So I dove into Kunzite, a gentle loving healer full of high vibes, happiness, and encouraging energies. I instantly picked up my new faceted Smoky Quartz and knew the Healing Light Mala was born. I created this sweet piece with lots of Rose Gold for warmth, and as a beautiful aesthetic reminder of sweet gentle self-love.


The rest of the collection just fell into place and evolved into gorgeous, high-quality touch pieces for not only your meditation and yoga practice, but also your day to day moments, from preparing the kids’ lunches and weekly business meetings, to final exams, and drinks with your tribe. Sweet little reminders of our intentions so that we may weave our way through life with love: love for others, our communities, the Earth, and above all, love for ourselves.

Sacred Love is all about those sweet little moments we spend for ourselves. Those small moments of self-love that are so sacred and precious. The hours of dancing. Meditating. Practicing yoga. Journaling. Reading. Taking a bath. The tiny slices of time we come to from a place of self-love so that our inner light may shine. February is traditionally a time for making space for love for others, and while we at Malabella embrace and adore that time-honored practice, we also wanted to flip that perspective on its head and celebrate self-love. A time and moment to make space for ourselves. Beautiful, raw, self-love.

Finally, I must express my unending gratitude to Tutti and Andrea for bringing the Sacred Love collection to life. I knew I wanted Tutti to shoot Sacred Love the instant I decided I wanted to create a Rose Gold collection. Tutti is the most talented boudoir photographer in New York City, and I knew she would capture the essence of this collection with the most beautiful, raw perspective. I adore her work and I especially adore her sweet soul. She went above and beyond for me, and I am forever grateful. We both knew Andrea had to be the model. She’s beyond gorgeous and she radiates light and love with grace. I am so grateful to be able to work with such creatives and artists.

Sweet Bellas, I invite you to explore this collection with an open heart, and I hope you are led to a piece that reminds you to give yourself every ounce of love and tenderness you have within you. Believe me when I say that universal love begins with self-love: you put out into the world what you take in.




































Shop the entire collection here

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels

Photography ~ Tutti Del Monte

Muse ~ Andrea Russell

Styling ~ Tutti Del Monte & Andrea Russell

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