IN THE STARS: Mercury in Retrograde ~ December 19th 2016 till January 8th 2017

On December 19th, 2016 we enter Mercury in Retrograde until January 8th, 2017. During this retrograde, we are pushed to dig deep into our truths. What information do we need to learn before we can move forward towards our next journey? Do we have the courage to grow, to be empowered and to share our gifts with the world? Let’s move in abundance, love, acceptance, and true light.

Today I honor this time with a precious ritual. Cleanse with Palo Santo. Sweet yogic dance. Journaling. Intention setting and finally meditating with my Mala beads.

After my yoga, I hop on my phone and instantly I see a mad outpouring of love from the Malabella tribe on my last post. What a blessing!! I am so touched and so grateful to be on this journey with you. I can’t wait to play with you all in 2017 ~ xx, Hannah

And here I leave you with the ever breathtaking insights from Leah Whitehorse


Capricorn is all about conservatism, stability, rules, age, time, structure and authority. In this staid sign, we like to work hard and keep our heads down, slowly climbing our way to the top of our profession and hopefully gaining credibility and respect along the way. With Mercury in this sign, we’re asked to think long and hard about what we’re building and whether what has already been constructed is fit for purpose. Maybe we’ve already reached the top of our game but found the view from the summit uninspiring. Maybe we’re still slogging uphill and unsure of our commitment to the climb ahead. Either way, Mercury”s revisit to Sagittarius at the tail end of this retrograde period suggests there’s something we need to understand before we move forwards again. Maybe somewhere along the road, we lost our sense of meaning and we have to backtrack to find it.This Mercury retrograde is going to dig deep into the t-square between Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus and perhaps alert us to information that was previously unseen. Initially, the retrograde period will begin in Capricorn then Mercury will step back into Sagittarius to finish the job.

As we move into the retrograde, first Mercury prompts us to use our imagination and intuition with a sextile to Neptune on the 27th December. Mercury in Capricorn is a realist but it’s important to listen to the voice of the soul too. Mercury then meets the Sun for instruction from source on the 28th December.

The Sun reminds Mercury that life can be beautiful. It is possible to achieve bliss, even within the confines of our society. We get a glimpse of what could make us happy.

Mercury then moves on to sextile Mars on the 28th December, bringing strength of mind and the courage to act on our ideas. From here we begin to see the direction we’re moving towards as Mercury trines the North Node on the 30th December. A sextile to Venus on the 3rd January reminds us of our most important values. We need to speak from the heart in order to be really heard. Mercury’s re-entry into Sagittarius on the 4th January encourages us to expand our mental horizons, gather study material and check in with our own personal philosophy. We must stretch the mind to encompass new information to deepen our understanding.

By the end of this retrograde period, we feel more in control, more able to handle our responsibilities (echoing the Capricorn element of this period), even those things we don’t like to do. Some chores are undoubtedly boring but at the same time give the landscape of our lives structure and meaning. There’s also a hint that we mustn’t let the grass grow under our feet, grow too lax or become too complacent.

Perhaps then this retrograde period also requires us to favour intellectual deduction over habitual response. What we want to do and what we need to do are sometimes two very different things but Mercury’s retrograde will help to both define and clarify good practices that will support us in the future.

Read more cosmic insights by Leah Whitehorse here

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