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A few months ago, a dear friend Alyssa Kuzins told me she had this secret new idea for an Oracle inspired deck. Giddy with excited we hopped on the phone and she gave me all the details ~ a beautiful Journal Deck with 52 journal prompt cards to inspire self- care, growth, and healing and she wanted me (Malabella Jewels) to create a special limited edition Mala for the Journal Deck’s presales, the Ultimate Self Care Bundle.  I was instantly hooked, excited, and was ready to dive in! We spent the next few weeks, designing, collaborating, and creating the most special Mala to accompany the beautiful Journal Deck. We worked with jewels that mirrored the Journal Deck’s intentions of clarity, spirituality, focus, and self-love. This super sweet and healing Mala is available only during the Journal Deck Presales (ends July 31st!) and as a part of the Ultimate Self Care Bundle including the Journal Deck and the JD Mala (total $164 value) for an incredible investment of $111.



It’s been an exciting journey working with Alyssa, and July marks the final pre-sale month before production begins. We were both so excited by how the co-creation of the Journal Deck Mala evolved, and we hope our tribe is just as thrilled by this new and gorgeous piece. So in celebration of our collaboration, we sat down with Alyssa to discuss her inspiration for the Journal Deck, her personal mindfulness journey, and her vision for a community of journalers.


Malabella (Hannah): What is the Journal Deck?

Alyssa: The Journal Deck is a 52 card deck where journal prompts meet oracle cards for clarity, self-care, and personal growth! With themes ranging from career, self-care, health, relationships, money mindset, fear, and more, this unique Deck makes it a perfect addition to a new or existing self-care practice. Choose daily, weekly, or monthly; you’ll pull what you need to write about!


We also have a corresponding Podcast called, The Self Care Spotlight, featuring badass women all dedicated to self-care.


MB: How did you come to the practice of journaling? What are the most impactful healing outcomes of your journaling practice?

A: I came to journaling out of soul necessity; a healing necessity, if you will. In 2016 I broke off an engagement with my boyfriend of 10 years (high school sweethearts), and I had no idea who I was without him, without Us. So after finally releasing ourselves from the grip of a toxic co-dependency, we were both free to explore who we were, and in that first ever solo space, I felt called deep healing through yoga, Kundalini meditation, connecting with Mama Nature, spontaneous girl’s trips, and journaling. The life coach I hired helped guide me for 6 months, and she assigned journal prompts, just as I had with my coaching clients, as a tool to get to know myself better and work through ALL the emotions and thoughts running through me.

Journaling truly became a safe space to heal and move through a lot of confusion, hurt, deep sadness, and anger, but it brought me to deep clarity, healing, and self-care. Truth was waiting for me in those journal pages.


MB: What are some of your favorite journal prompts? Which prompts are the most soothing? Which prompts provide the most surprising responses?

A: I love the question/prompt, “What does living in alignment look and feel like to you?” Alignment is EVERYTHING. That question is always your compass.

Overall, I love deep, thought provoking questions about life. However, sometimes a seemingly simple question like, “What’s your favorite season?” can divulge a lot of Truths about you as a person once you start analyzing the metaphysical and spiritual meanings. I also think relationships and money mindset are fascinating subjects and a lot of people have tons of hangups about these particular groupings. Those questions usually point to a lot of Fears and childhood blueprints that we carry consciously or unconsciously. You can tell a lot about a person based off those prompt themes.

Soothing prompt? That’s easy. Ask yourself: What are you grateful for?

That prompt always leads to a full heart when you really think about it. It leaves me thinking, “I have a really fucking amazing life at the end of the day. It’s all good.”

MB: What inspired you to create a custom Mala for the Journal Deck’s Ultimate Self-Care Bundle?

A: I wanted to add a beautiful, valuable, and intentional bonus to those who wanted to support JD to the fullest capacity, and as a yoga + meditation teacher, when I thought about journaling, I realized that both journaling and meditation provide the same concept of being present. So I thought…malas! Because many people use malas in their meditations, and at the root of JD is self care. But I’m sure you picked that up by now 😉


MB: What are some ways we could incorporate the Journal Deck into our meditation/yoga practice?

A: As we discussed in your podcast interview on the Self Care Spotlight, you could very easily meditate, pull a card, and then journal! Or practice yoga and then after savasana pull and journal. OR don’t have time for a full yoga practice? Simply pull a card and journal for 10 min! After all, yoga is simply a form moving meditation AND meditation is simply about presence AND journaling certainly brings mindfulness, so it all works the same! ***

MB: What are your favorite healing crystals? Which of the crystals from the Journal Deck Mala are you most drawn to?

A: I love citrine, amethyst, and rose quartz. Those are the ones I’m most drawn to. So from the JD Mala, I am obviously in love with all the stunning purple amethyst! Although that howlite and green fluorite are so serene too!

MB: What is your vision for the future for the Journal Deck?

A: Oh my! So much. I see a JD Workshop Program unfolding hopefully sooner than later where everyday folks from yoga teachers to coaches and more can bring JD to their communities and studios creating JD based workshops but with creative freedom to make them their own + get paid! Win Win!

I also see yoga + meditation retreats, mini themed decks like “The JOURNAL DECK: The Relationships Deck,” multiple volumes of 52 card decks, and it’s also my dream to have a team. I know, kinda weird, but I have always wanted to lead a dream team with my vision paving the way! I love paying people to do something they love. We all deserve that fulfillment!

I promise you this, my creativity is endless, so I’m confident we have SO much ahead of us! This is just the beginning. xx

Thanks so much Alyssa for manifesting and creating this beautiful deck. To check out The Journal Deck, visit and follow them on Instagram at @thejournaldeck. Visit to shop the Mala and Journal Deck. Presales and Mala sales end July 31st.

*** I had the beautiful honor of being interviewed and featured on the Journal Deck’s podcast “The Self Care Spotlight” Visit to check the podcast out!

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