New Moon Ritual

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Art by Cosmic Collage

Today’s a New Moon and of course, the energies have me ready to work, organize, and spread the LOVE. New Moons asks us to go within, peel back the layers of our past and deal with issues that keep arising and patterns that we develop. New Moons are a beautiful time to dig deep, set new intentions, and create a clear path of what we want as the Moon is in her beginning phase. We alone have the power to create and cultivate what we want more of in our lives. Maybe it’s love, openness, healing, energy, or happiness. Using the power of mantra, meditations, and gemstones we can shed the layers we carry, holding us down from what we truly CAN manifest. Here’s my favorite New Moon Ritual that you can carry to the next Full Moon.

1. CLEANSE ~ Create/find a safe space for you to practice this New Moon ritual in. A place that you feel comfortable, open, and warm in. Once you’ve arrived cleanse you and your space with either Sage, Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, or any other cleansing plant you can get your hands. Our personal favorites at the moment are Palo Santo and Sage.

Recently, I love burning Sage first to purify the air, literally and spiritually {Sage is proven to reduce bacteria in the air} and then finishing off with Palo Santo with its warm, yummy, sweet, woodsy energy to invite in positive new energy.


As you cleanse your space with the smoke, focus your intentions on letting go, making space for the new. Maybe you close your eyes and allow the smoke to connect around your body, cleansing, purifying and rinsing you of what no longer serves.

2. YOGA FLOW (optional) – Sometimes we need to shake shit up to really allow what needs to rise, rise. For me, practicing a firey, heavy breathwork yoga practice allows my mind to settle into the spots that are necessary. Maybe for you, a gentle restorative practice is exactly what you need.  I invite you to practice what feels good for you and if you’re feeling ready, to flow naturally guided by your own intuition. Don’t decide where it ends and let your practice take you where it wants.


3. MEDITATE ON YOUR INTENTIONS ~ Whenever you are ready, come into a nice comfy seat. Bring your awareness to your breathe and take 3 big, juicy breathes in through the nose, and 3 loud, audible exhales out through the mouth. Begin to think about what you want more of in your life.

What are your deepest desires? What do you want more of in your life? How will that look for you as it happens? How will that feel?


Begin to imagine all your dreams, intentions, and goals coming to fruition. Visualize them coming true and imagine how that will feel.

4. WRITE ~ Open your eyes and take a deep breath in. Write down all your dreams, intentions, and goals that you just meditated on. Let what comes come and know that there is no right or wrong.


5. READ ~ Read your list out loud. You can go outside under the New Moon and the stars or you can light a candle, Palo Santo, or Sage inside as an offering.

6. SET YOUR INTENTION WITH JEWELS (optional) ~ If you have a Mala necklace, bracelet, or a special piece to you, you can set your intention with the piece as a tangible reminder. Close your eyes and bring your piece to your heart center. Repeat your intention 3 times imaging your intention radiating out from your heart center in a white light emitting its love and energy into your jewels.


7. SURRENDER ~ Surrender and give thanks to the Universe {or a goddess/god} for this beautiful precious life. You can meditate with your jewels and/or read your list out loud as often as you are called to before the next Full Moon.

On the next Full Moon release and let go in a sacred fire ritual. {Coming soon to the blog}

What are some of your favorite New Moon rituals? Did you practice this one? What do you think?

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