FILM: Moving Mountains

For what feels like the first time in my life (really, since childhood) I’m starting to live in the seasons. What does that even mean? For me, it means embracing each of the seasons for what they have to offer.

Autumn is a beautiful season of change, letting go, self-protection, and essentially the beginning of death. Don’t run here my friends. This is usually where I resist and hold onto the bright vibrancy of summer. I fight it. But now I find myself just allowing. Letting it be, and yes, enjoying it as well. Embracing. Feeling. Flowing. And letting go.

Mantra ~ I flow.

When the beautiful Andrea approached me to collaborate on a gorgeous yoga equinox inspired video I was instantly in. She wanted to adorn her wrists in stacks of blue jewels and we sent her lots of Aquamarine, Amazonite, and Sodalite with Moss Agate, Labradorite, and a hint of love with Morganite. Once I saw the gorgeous moving capture created by Joe Vulpis I knew I was going to hold on to this piece for Fall inspiration for its beautiful representation of movement, shedding, and flowing.

Synchronically, all the jewels Andrea wore are beautiful touch pieces for fall symbolism and meaning as we transition into a time of change, letting go, self-protection (and preservation), and shedding.


Aquamarine, the Stone of the Sea, is a clear blue crystal thought to be treasured by mermaids and is the ultimate “letting go” stone. Stare deep into Aquamarine and it will evoke power through tranquility and harmony, transforming a chaotic mind into serenity. Aquamarine has strong cleansing powers and can be used to clear the Throat Chakra and heal emotional abuse. A calming stone, it aids in letting go and trusting the universe. Excellent for meditation and self-reflection, Aquamarine is the perfect reflecting stone to accompany you during Fall.

Amazonite, a luscious shade of turquoise harnesses the powers of Truth and Courage. Worn by ancient Amazonian warriors, this stone is thought to empower the user by allowing her to speak her mind freely and without inhibition. It connects with the Throat and Heart Chakras, helping to find balance between internal and external, and it resolves barriers to communication. Amazonite aids in moderation and understanding, bringing back to center all that has gone astray.

Sodalite, in swirls of deepest blue, is a highly intuitive stone. It encourages truth in all aspects of life, and it guides the user’s thoughts toward rationality and objectivity. Like many blue gemstones, Sodalite is an excellent communication aid. Sodalite encourages rational thought while enhancing perception and creativity. It builds trust and harmony, and stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, opening the mind and the soul to deep meditation and psychic clarity.

Moss Agate
Clouded with tendrils of mossy green, Moss Agate is the ultimate crystal for gardeners and agriculturalists. It is a stone of growth, and it has a strong association with Nature. Because it vibrates at a low frequency, Moss Agate is a powerful strengthening and stabilizing crystal invoking peace, trust, and hope. Most interestingly, Moss Agate’s powers are contrasting yet complementary: it helps intellectuals connect with their stifled intuition, but it also helps intuitive souls think more practically. A sensitivity to weather can be soothed by this green gift from Mother Earth as well. 

Labradorite, in striking hues ranging from deep blue and gray to iridescent flecks of green and gold, is thought by ancient cultures to have descended from the Aurora Borealis. Labradorite is both mystical and otherworldly, imbued with esoteric knowledge that connects the user with universal energies. A powerful protector, it stimulates intuition and strengthens faith in oneself, encouraging further trust in the universe. Use it to invigorate the imagination and transform the soul in pursuit of self-discovery. 

Morganite the stone of Divine Love, can be found in a gorgeous rainbow array of pinks, greens, blues, purples, and creamy taupes. Its soft hues reflect its warm healing abilities and natural sense of compassion. Morganite is an excellent stone for building self-assurance, full of promise and abundance, enabling the user to keep moving ever forward. It stimulates the Heart Chakra, which invokes strong feelings of love and acceptance, and it’s also known to facilitate fair and just treatment. Morganite ignites the light within, allowing the spirit to flourish. Morganite is a powerful support gem when battling strong emotional opponents such as hurt and anger, allowing spiritual growth to overcome. 

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous film by Joe Vulpis and Andrea Jenson shot in California and are inspired to embrace and love Fall.

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels

Muse ~ Andrea Jenson

Film ~ Joe Vulpis

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