Golden Goddess Latte Recipe









The Golden Goddess.

This buzzy root is showing up everywhere lately—and for good reason. The medicinal spice is not only gorgeously Instagrammable in its goldenness, but it’s warm + earthy flavor is a great addition to just about anything. Whatever I’m throwing together for dinner—kicharee, soup, curry, veggie cakes—it will benefit from the flavor and color of turmeric.

Clearly, I’m on the turmeric train. Trendy or not, this golden goddess has proven health benefits in addition to the proof of its centuries of spiritual healing.

By the Ayurvedic ‘book’, turmeric is described as antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, even anti-carcinogenic. Personally, I will not stand here and tell you that turmeric is gonna cure cancer. I don’t think it does. The National Institute of Health has explicitly stated that “Claims that curcuminoids found in turmeric help to reduce inflammation aren’t supported by strong studies.”

So, sorry, bloggers of the world (myself, before I’d done my research, included!). Turmeric isn’t anti-inflammatory. BUT! The NIH also cites several promising studies of turmeric’s effect on certain heart conditions, skin conditions, + arthritis.

Sacred medicine aside, the warming + pungent qualities of this Ayurvedic herb will benefit anyone who needs some positive anchoring during the transition of the seasons.

As we move into fall, we’re asked to follow the lead of mama Earth. Go downwards and inwards, she says. Be like the roots.

And you are what you eat, right?

So, of course. My favorite integration of turmeric is this delightful, frothy latte that is as customizable as it is easy. Chill it, if you’re still baking in the Southern California “autumn”, or serve warm with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top.



1t turmeric powder

1/2tsp ground black pepper

1tsp honey

8oz warm mylk (I used cashew mylk)

Combine in your blender or frother. If you’re going to chill it, use a sealable jar or bottle that you can shake before drinking. The spice will settle at the bottom.

If you’re not into making up some fancy drink in the morning, try a prepared powder like Golde. I used just 2t of Golde in 8oz of cashew mylk and had one of the best golden mylk lattes I’ve had in a long time.

Whether you’ve heard of it, tried it, or are just getting on board the turmeric train, this little latte is the best daily mode of medicine-taking. 


Written by ~ Ellen Humphreys

Mala ~ Malabella Jewels {vintage Kyanite Dreams Mala}

Photography ~ Oleg Bolotov

Flatlay Photography ~ Ellen Humphreys

Studio_Athletic-87 copy
Ellen Humphreys is a classically-trained actor, yoga teacher and light worker. She helps people find tools to guide them on a spiritual path, and loves love. She lives in Los Angeles with her German Shepherd and about a dozen plants. Instagram @outboundyogi



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