Spirit Campaign



















Muse: Desiree L’amour


Photography/Creative Direction: Shan Maher


Jewels: Malabella Jewels


Life’s been wild. Maybe there will be a time in my life where it doesn’t feel like I’m half flying half falling to the ground only to leap back into the air again. I’ve been dreaming up Spirit for almost 9 months now. She’s lived within me during the most beautiful of times, to the saddest, and the most challenging. I created this collection in 2 days when it usually takes me weeks and it was oddly painfully cathartic as if actually manifesting these creations into the world was a detox of the emotions, lessons, and knowledge I’ve gained over the last year.

When life is anything but predictable all we can do is sit in the seat of the self, observe and take notice. Spirit in her true essence is the moments in our lives when we are shown our selves, in the dark, and in the light. How do we play with such beautiful contrast in our lives and transform and transmute that energy into personal power? How can we transform anxiety into action, fear into strength, and lows into creativity? How do we allow the messy bits to intermix with the beautiful bits and learn from our obstacles, learn from our lessons, and become a wiser, stronger, more centered version of our selves?

The winter is a beautiful time to return inwards, peel back the layers, sit with our emotions, and reflect on the lesson this year has brought us and Spirit was designed for just that. Protective Labradorite runs through the collection as it’s sister stone Larvikite is re-introduced for her intuitive magic. Favorite Apatite radiates personal power and manifestation for my alchemist babes out there. Australian Bloodstone makes a powerful come back with strong root chakra energies of courage, strength, and stability. One of my favorites Fluorite clears the mind, washes away anxiety, and soothes the heart. Strong Onyx holds us during times of lessons and tiny accents of Moonstone stabilize and mark new beginnings on the horizon.

The insanely smart and creative Shan Maher took creative direction and photographed  the Spirit campaign with muse Desiree L’amour serving up fierce Queen of the North vibes. Shot in Washington state this photoshoot is a dream come true with the lush ferns, waterfalls, and woods and Shan and Desi breathed our ideas into life.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Spirit captures with creative and muse Shan Maher coming soon!


Shop New Spirit Jewels

Drop 3 // December 17

Sodalite Mala

Sodalite Wrap

Fluorite Bracelet

Drop 4 // Mid-December

Larvikite Double Tassel Mala with Moon

Larvikite + Onyx Wrap

Larvikite Bracelet



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