Meet our Muse: Shan Maher


If you’ve been following Malabella for some time now you may recognize the multi talented Shan Maher across our social media, website and blog. Her delicious Cacao Recipe was one of our most clicked on blog, she connected us with GLOW to create our GLOW Bracelet, and she’s recently shot both our Wild One and Spirit campaigns acting as both muse and photographer. Hailing from Southern California and teaching in Washington state Shan is a yoga teacher, freelance photographer, and ghost writer. She’s the essence of a Creatrix and we love her energy and creativity! Meet our Muse Shan Maher…











MALABELLA: What do you love to do for fun?

SHAN: Anything that involves being outside! I enjoy hiking and going on adventures to places I have never been. Since returning back to Washington I’ve been hiking at least twice a week most weeks.

M: What’s your sun sign?

S: Libra, but I feel that I am more than just my sun sign. The entirety of our chart can better reveal who we are as people and what cycles/trends we tend to move through.

M: What are your favorite forms of expression?

S: Yoga, it truly is our bodies way of creating poetry. However, I love to express myself in written word, painting and photography. Right now those are my favorites but at times I’ll favor one over the others depending on what I need that day or week.

M: What inspired you to start photography?

S: Mmm, heaps of things actually. In high school I always wanted to travel and see the ways people live in other parts of the world. When I was 18 I traveled to Africa, for this trip my mom lent me her camera so that I could take photos of what I was experiencing. However, my intention wasn’t to take heaps of photos because I really wanted to be present for the time I had there. Little did I know, it would become one of my favorite things to do on the trip. I had so much fun photographing animals in their habitat, seeing their facial expressions and being able to preserve each moment in a photograph was something that truly spoke to me.

I am so grateful that slowly over the years photography has become more and more present in my life.

M: What are you excited about right now?

S: A few upcoming projects that I will be releasing summer of 2019 – stay tuned 🙂

M: What’s a daily ritual you practice?

S: Daily check ins. I’ll place a hand on my leg or my arm and notice how that feels then I’ll continue to ask myself questions about what I am doing in that moment and why.

My favorite questions are:
What are you doing now?
How does it make you feel?
What is the texture of my breath like?
Has it changed throughout the day depending on what you are doing?
Have you been triggered?
If so, what did you do to move through it and process?
I find that asking myself questions also helps bring me back into the present moment because it gives me something to truly focus on.

M: What is your favorite mantra or intention?

S: “One breath at a time” – For me it’s better than saying ‘one step at a time’ because each moment births a new experience and our breath is what will carry us through the day to day. If we cultivate a strong connection to our breath we will be able to navigate through any situation.

M: Sunrise or Sunset?

S: Two weeks ago I woke up rather early one morning to the most brilliant sunrise I had seen in a long time. Ever since that moment I have been favoring sunrises and will wake up early just to stare at the sky.

Shan Maher
Instagram: @indianashan


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