Gemstones to Support Your 2019 Intentions

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A new year is upon us- an opportunity to move forward, grow, and evolve. It’s hard to not get swept away by the “New Year, New You” mentality but it’s not a new year, a new you, it’s a returning. A coming home to what always was. Gentle reminders of who we are inside. This year instead of setting resolutions, try setting an intention or how you’d like to feel in 2019.

Every year I gift myself a Mala and set an intention with my jewels infusing meaning into my jewelry creating a touch piece for my intentions and mantra for the year. I’ll wear my Mala when I need my intention the most, meditate with it, and adorn my sacred spaces with her.

You can practice setting intentions with jewelry, crystals, or anything special to you. You can learn more about one of our favorite setting intentions ritual and meditation here. 

I asked you Bellas on Instagram what your 2019 intentions/resolutions were so I could provide a power crystal for each of your intentions. Just like anything, intentions require focus and energy and my favorite way to fuse the two is with a gemstone jewelry piece I can wear, meditate, or adorn as a reminder of who I really am.

Check out my favorite jewels for your 2019 intentions/resolutions. Enjoy! Pin or save this blog and come back whenever your intentions change. We’ll be here.


Muse Desi wears Larvikite Jewels

:: Self Discovery ::

Diving deep and going inwards, if your intention is for self discovery I LOVE Labradorite for it’s ability to connect the wearer to the self, protect energy, and infuse trust in the process. Labradorite’s sister gem Larvikite is also a powerhouse stone for inner exploration connecting us to our nature spirits guiding us toward grounding and vitality. Aquamarine is a calming, reflection stone that allows the wearer to let go of old energies while exploring new perspectives. Garnet is an energetic option, encouraging creative innovation, energy, and discovery.

Labradorite Jewels

Larvikite Jewels

Garnet Jewels

Aquamarine Jewels

Muse Prisma adorned in Sunstone jewels

:: Physical Vitality ::

While wearing a certain crystal won’t give you your dream body they will support and encourage you with healthful and mindful energies when bringing focus back to physical health. Sunstone is a power stone radiating energy, confidence, and joy while Citrine perks up the spirit with bright energy, new adventures, and abundance. Black Onyx is a strengthener and aids in overcoming physical obstacles. Garnet is a sweet option providing energy, balance, and transformation.

Sunstone Jewels

Citrine Jewels

Black Onyx Jewels

Garnet Jewels

@vanesvibes with her Moonstone Mala

:: Intuition ::

Opening the third eye and connecting to our Intuition Moonstone is the stone for connecting within and aids in New Beginnings. Sodalite is an highly intuitive stone and encourages rational thought while enhancing perception and creativity. Labradorite is the mystic’s pick for diving inwards and trusting the intuition and universe.

Moonstone Jewels

Sodalite Jewels

Labradorite Jewels

Muse Prisma adorned in Citrine Jewels

:: Financial Abundance ::

Strong power stones Citrine and Sunstone call in abundance, self confidence, flow, and prana into the spirit. Adorn yourself in Citrine/Sunstone jewels when you need a boost of confidence, abundance, and creativity in your business/money projects. Create a mini altar on your desk with money, citrine, and sunstone to call in boss goddess energies.

Citrine Jewels

Sunstone Jewels

Muse Andrea wearing Vintage Rose Quartz/Kunzite Jewels

:: Self Care/ Self Love ::

Sweet pink gems hold powerful loving energy supporting us when love is a priority. Whether you’re looking for a new lover, uniting two families, or practicing self love, adorn the spirit in pink hues. Kunzite is known as the Mother’s Stone providing support and warmth with love. Morganite is a cosmic pink stone emitting abundance, light, and love. Rose Quartz is the most known love stone offering joy, happiness, and abundant love.

Kunzite Jewels

Morganite Jewels

Rose Quartz Bundle

Muse Shan adorned in Fluorite Jewels

:: Manifestation ::

Looking to manifest dreams, desires, and goals you’ve been day dreaming of? Apatite is the ultimate manifestation stone clearing away negativity, fear, and a clouded mind allowing for clarity and focus. Apatite balances the Third Eye Chakra and enables concentration, increased perception, and a keen memory. Fluorite adds in structure, organization, and ease when checking off your to-do list.

Apatite Jewels

Fluorite Jewels

screen shot 2019-01-18 at 2.16.20 pm
@dawnmichelleyoga connecting to Aquamarine Jewels

:: Letting Go/ Release :: 

If 2019 is about release and letting go let the energies of calming blue stones wash away what no longer serves like the ocean breeze. Aquamarine encourages us to let go and let it be with radical acceptance and peace. Blue Lace Agate calms a fiery mind, washing away anxieties and encourages us to expand beyond into new perspectives.

Aquamarine Jewels

Blue Lace Agate Jewels

Muse Shan adorned in Black Onyx Jewels

:: Strength ::

Power house Black Onyx and bright Sunstone provide two different versions of strength when we are searching for vigor, stamina, and power. Black Onyx has a strong, powerful and protecting energy when overcoming obstacles and Sunstone is bright, energetic, and ready to take on new adventures with strength and stamina.

Black Onyx Jewels

Sunstone Jewels

Muse Shan holds Apatite & Fluorite Jewels

:: Focus/Organization :: 

In order to make our dreams happen we must take action and action often requires focused energy. Same stones for Manifesting, use Apatite to increase energy, unleash creativity, and unlock the potential for achievement. Fluorites power shines best when in need of giving form and structure to nebulous new ideas and energies that are powerful but without direction.

Apatite Jewels

Fluorite Jewels

screen shot 2019-01-18 at 2.22.23 pm
@joganka shines in her Sunstone Jewels

:: Fearless/Self Confidence :: 

Warrior goddess vibes? Yes, OK, I See You! Worn by ancient Amazonian warriors, Amazonite is thought to empower the user by allowing her to speak her mind freely and without inhibition. When facing fears or uncertainties, Australian Bloodstone guides us towards acceptance and helps us choose the path that is most truthful and just. Sunstone, known as the stone of Leadership, carries healing energies of personal power, freedom, and enhanced consciousness. Black Onyx increases self confidence when dealing with emotional stress, confusion, and personal difficulty.

Amazonite Jewels

Australian Bloodstone Jewels

Sunstone Jewels

Black Onyx Jewels

Muse Prisma wears Citrine + Sandalwood Jewels

:: Grounding :: 

Channeling Mama Gaia energy this year? Grounding and supportive Sandalwood clears away negativity and aids in restful sleep. Smoky Quartz is a grounding crystal that has a strong connection to the Earth, and it’s also highly protective. Citrine is an excellent stone for absorbing and grounding negative energy.

Sandalwood Jewels

Smoky Quartz Jewels

Citrine Jewels

I hope these helped in finding the perfect gem to support you in 2019. Drop a comment below if you loved this blog or if there’s another intention/energy you’d like me to add! I hope you continue to visit this page as your intentions evolve and grow with you.

So much love and Happy 2019!


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