Crystals for Self Love, Reflection, Self Exploration

Every year we take time to cultivate and create space for self love, reflection, and self exploration in the cold bones of winter. It can be a challenging and cathartic time of death and rebirth as we explore our inner selves and figure out what we truly want, what we desire and how we wish to exist in this world, but there’s power here if you’re willing to explore. Every time we crumble our foundations we have an opportunity to rebuild. As the powerful Kobe Bryant said “Everything negative – pressure, challenges- is all an opportunity for me to rise.”

At Malabella we believe in taking time and energy to explore the self, dig deep and reflect on what truly makes us happy, mind, body, and soul. Here’s our favorite crystals for this time of year. You can simply add them around your house as a reminder of your journey, wear jewels that support your intention, or meditate with them to guide your thought patterns towards your dreams.


Beryl var_ Aquamarine from Vietnam…

Aquamarine, the Stone of the Sea, is a clear blue crystal thought to be treasured by mermaids and is the ultimate mineral for an ocean lover’s soul. Stare deep into Aquamarine and it will evoke power through tranquility and harmony, transforming a chaotic mind into serenity. Aquamarine has strong cleansing powers and can be used to clear the Throat Chakra and heal emotional abuse. A calming stone, it aids in letting go and trusting the universe. Excellent for meditation and self-reflection, Aquamarine is the perfect reflecting stone to accompany you to your seaside journeys.

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Sunstone Tumbled Stones

Radiant and full energy, Sunstone carries the energy of the God of the Sun, Ra. Known as the stone of Leadership, Sunstone carries healing energies of personal power, freedom, and enhanced consciousness. As a stone of light, Sunstone brings strength, openness, mental clarity, and joy. It aligns the Sacral Chakra to allow your gut feelings to flow freely, helping you in trusting your intuition to play an integral part of your life. Sunstone promotes self-confidence, self-love, joy, and universal love. It increases digestion and metabolism, creating vitality and warmth in your life.  Wear Sunstone to bring you abundance of energy, enthusiasm, and strength, especially when starting or maintaining a physical exercise regimen.

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Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties _ Lapis Lazuli Meaning _ Benefits Of Lapis Lazuli _ Metaphysical Properties Of Lapis Lazuli _ Charms Of Light - Healing

Lapis Lazuli
Claim your throne and reign with royalty and wisdom through this cobalt blue and gold gemstone. Treasured by the nobility of ancient cultures worldwide, Lapis Lazuli is not only beautiful, but a deeply powerful healer. It fuels enlightenment and encourages the user to find inner truth, encouraging creativity through centering and knowing oneself. A stimulant of the thoughts, this stone will encourage you to take charge of your life and exercise good judgement along the way. It also harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, bringing peace and serenity to the mind, body, and soul.

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Unfinished Mother of Pearl Shells - Black Pearl Designs

Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl is an empowering and loving goddess of a gem. Iridescent material formed around Abalone and Pearl shells, Mother of Pearl holds powerful energy of healing, love, and abundance and is known to uncover one’s hidden potentials. It enhances the flow of energy through the body and encourages physical fitness and movement while overcoming obstacles. Mother of Pearl encourages the expression of thoughts, feelings, and intentions with love and confidence. A soothing gem, Mother of Pearl aids in relationship stress and overwhelming emotions while allowing the wearer to speak from the heart.

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Moonstone - Tumbled Stones

Known as the “Stone of New Beginnings” Moonstone, a shimmering gem that ranges from pure white to iridescent blue, connect the wearer to the Moon and aids in new beginnings. Moonstone increases intuition, empathy, and is thought to be linked to clairvoyance. Women benefit from its strong powers of fertility, but it’s also known to balance feminine and masculine energies or yin and yang. Moonstone is also good for protecting travelers, especially those traveling at night.

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Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 3.04.31 PM

Rhodochrosite in alluring swirls of pink, red, and white radiates high vibrations of compassionate love, healing, and support. Rhodochrosite first works within, encouraging one to see the divine within, enhancing personal power, and healing old wounds. A loving and powerful healer Rhodochrosite connects us to our inner child, opening the heart chakra to provide a fresh perspective to old wounds and traumas, so we may release pain and destructive coping mechanisms and disentangle ties to outgrown relationships. Rhodochrosite vibrates unconditional love allowing one to forgive the self and others for past mistakes, expanding ones vibration with self love, confidence, and loving action. It clears the Solar Plexus, connecting the lower and upper Chakras restoring wholeness, self confidence in innate talents, creativity, energy, and the courage to chase one’s dreams and rise to full potential. Rhodochrosite aids in love after heartbreak and enhances passion, sensuality, and trust when attracting one’s twin flame.

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