Today, we are going to break bread with food blogger + friend of Malabella, Britney!

If you haven’t already seen her drool-worthy Instagram yet, you’re in for a treat—pun fully intended.

The two of us actually met through the land of IG + we’ve come to find out that we share a lot of the same values and interests. One of those interests being… really, really delicious food!

After seeing the recipe for this apricot beauty, I had to share!

“Honestly, this may be one of my favorite creations thus far. I saw apricots at the grocery store and decided to see what I could do with them. I bought six, ate two, Hubby ate one, and I pureed the rest in my attempt to bring this idea of an apricot cream tart/pie to fruition. What’s funny about this is I only used the puree for the swirly effect on the top of the tart to make it look pretty and ended up going back to the store to get apricot preserves to use instead. However, apricots do make awesome snacks and photo props. Oh, fun fact! I learned that apricots are a part of the rose family, so… you can use that useless fact if ever it comes up in trivia or Jeopardy or something.

Anyway, can I just tell you that this tart is so delicious. Crust involves Bordeaux cookies that have a crispy texture and caramel-y taste with a hint of cinnamon and the apricot cream has tiny chunks of apricot and is sweet and delicious and just all things that are right within the world. Not to mention, it’s pretty easy to make too. One tip that I would give for this recipe is to ensure that you beat the egg yolks long enough or else the cream will be runny and we don’t want that! Also, ensure that you also add the sweetened condensed milk veerrryyy slowly and allow the mixture to thicken up. These little things make a huge difference in how the tart turns out.

I also used this recipe to challenge my decorating skills. I love playing with colors, but when it comes to decorating the tops of cakes/pie/tarts etc, I need more practice. Making things look pretty can be such a chore sometimes and I often struggle with it because ten seconds after you’ve perfected this beautiful creation, you grab a knife and cut into it. All things considered, I did get a huge sense of gratification when I completed this because I love the aesthetic, which made eating the tart that much more fun.

*This recipes uses a springform pan and a food processor!


Recipe by Britney Breaks Bread

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels

Photography ~ Britney Breaks Bread 

Follow Britney on Instagram or visit her site for more delicious recipes!

Britney Breaks Bread began with a passion for food and travel! After taking a cooking class in Bali, Britney realized that she could bring a piece of her travels home with her and began developing recipes. Allowing her adventures to guide her inspiration in the kitchen, Britney’s recipes are a fun mix of quick recipes including sweet and savory dishes all the way to decadent desserts.

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