First Look: Daydreamin’ Film + Lookbook

Let’s be real – 2020 has been rough and it’s all everyone talks about. So I’ll keep it short – in addition to a pandemic, racial violence, political turmoil, and environmental breakdown my personal life has been completely shaken with a family loss. Our entire lives flipped upside down this spring and it catapulted us into a part of our lives we weren’t ready for. It’s been extremely hard, yet, has given us so many lessons and gratitude that my heart could explode with both love and loss. Many days have been so hard as I mourn for others, myself, and this world and what’s been an inner emotional touchstone when the world feels all too heavy is sweet moments of dreaming – of dreaming of traveling again, dreaming of growing my business and team, dreaming of flipping our house and decorating again, dreaming of creating a family with my husband, dreaming of creating the most epic garden, and dreaming of a new future of what could be for this planet.

Dreams create hope and inspire us to keep moving forward in times of trauma. For us to create a new future we must first believe in a new future, and in order to do that… you have to dream…

This collection is for my dreamers – my believers, future fighters, and lovers. May we stand strong in the fight for a better, cleaner, and more loving future.

~ Daydreamin’ Drop Breakdown ~

Thursday, September 24 at 7pm EST

~ Labradorite Golden Links Necklace

~ Labradorite Gold Eclipse Hoops

~ Labradorite Medium Brushed Hoops

~ Labradorite Baby Hoops

~ Labradorite Ear Threaders

Thursday, October 15 at 7pm EST

~ Tarot Gold Necklaces {Star, Sun, Moon Cards}

~ 14k Goldfilled Chunky Link Necklace

~ 14k Goldfilled Chunky Link Bracelet

~ 14k Goldfilled Chunky Medium Hoops

~ 14k Goldfilled Large + Skinny Hoops

~ Phoenix Gold Bracelet

~ Trio Star Gold Necklace

~ 14k Goldfilled Dainty Box Chain Layering Necklace

~ Dreamer Gold Necklace

Late October/Early November

~ White Cubic Zirconia Gold Lariat

~ White Cubic Zirconia Gold Choker

~ White Cubic Zirconia Marquise Gold Necklace

~ White Cubic Zirconia Dainty Gold Bracelet

~ Wheat Gold Bracelet

~ Wheat Gold Bracelet with one or three White Cubic Zirconia bezels

~ White Cubic Zirconia Gold Drip Earrings

~ White Cubic Zirconia Gold Vermeil Huggies {drop or no drop}

~ White Cubic Zirconia Silver Huggies {drop or no drop}

~ All 14k Goldfilled White Cubic Zirconia Rings

Lookbook + Film

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels

Music ~ The Wave by R3HAB, Lia Marie Johnson

Muse ~ Mollie Mclaughlin

Photography ~ Katherine Manley

Creative Director ~ Hannah Skedsvold

Videography ~ Hannah Skedsvold

Stills Editing ~ Hannah Skedvold + Carrie Anne Kelly

Styling ~ Hannah Skedsvold + Katherine Manley

Production ~ Black Valley Creative

Assisting ~ Hieu Le

Clothing ~ Twice is Nice + Camixa {beige button up}

Makeup ~ Kismet Cosmetics

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