Channeling Your Intuition

Many of us have been trained by society to always think rationally. If there’s a problem, usually we look to logical solutions. Rarely do people rely solely on their inner voice to make decisions. But why not? That voice is more than just a gut feeling—that’s your intuition speaking.

Have you ever had those moments where you just knew that something was going to happen? That common feeling is actually you using your intuition. When you’re able to channel your intuition, it can open up a whole new perspective to decision making and how you see your future. 

Intuition occurs when you’re able to connect and build a relationship with your higher self. Once that connection is made, your intuition will guide you by nudging you to make certain decisions. It feels like a sense of sure knowing, even if there is no concrete reason you should know or do something. 

An easy way to think of intuition is to compare it to inspiration. Many artists, writers, or musicians have muses and immediately feel some sort of connection to them. That connection brings on a variety of emotions, gives them creative visions, and inspires them to create something. That natural feeling of inspiration and connection is very similar to the feeling of channeling in your intuition. 

So, how do you channel in your intuition?

Recognize When Your Intuition Speaks

One of the first things to do is recognize when your intuition speaks. Do you think of someone, then suddenly get a call from them? Have you ever had a feeling you shouldn’t go somewhere, just to find out that you escaped a bad situation later? Ever felt that something seemed “off” about a person and later found out they can’t be trusted? These are all common examples of how intuition guides us. By recognizing this natural instinct as intuition, it makes it much easier to keep channeling and connecting with. 

Tap in with Meditation and Reflection

Meditation and reflection can also help build intuitive skills. By taking time to put the world on pause and clear your mind, it will be easier to find and listen to your intuitive voice. Reflect on the times intuition has spoken to you, and consider times when your intuition can be helpful next. Any form of strengthening your spirituality can help connect to your higher, intuitive self. 

Build Confidence

Building confidence is another key aspect in channeling intuition. Self-doubt can cloud your intuitive voice and cause you to be afraid to make an intuitive choice. By trusting yourself, you will find it easier to let go of strict logic and what you think you should do, and open yourself up to what you feel you should do. Once you feel more comfortable following your intuition, it can work to empower you and build your confidence even more. 

Channeling your intuition skills can not only help guide you, it can improve your spirituality and allow you to discover more about yourself. Next time you get that gut feeling, listen to it—there’s more to be heard.

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Written + Captured by Christy McDermott

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Christy McDermott is currently a senior from Penn State studying journalism. In her free time, she loves to create art and write for her blog. Some of her passions include fashion, traveling, skin care + expressing her creativity.

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