Consuming Cannabis with Intention

We all consume cannabis in different ways and for different reasons, but one thing should remain the same: We’re consuming this magical plant with mindful intention. 

If I had to choose, I’d say I most prefer smoking joints. They’re classic, easy, and I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing quite like sitting down after a long a** day and lighting a jay. Don’t get me wrong, my bong and bowl both get plenty of hits to keep us all sane; and I’m a big, big fan of edibles, too. Oh, and my pen—it’s the best when I’m on the go.

Okay, so maybe I enjoy it no matter how it’s consumed…. but back to the point.

I consume cannabis because I simply enjoy connecting with my higher self; and also because I’ve found that it’s capable of lifting my depression and soothing my anxiety. On days where I feel like I can’t pull myself out of bed, I roll over and smoke a bowl of sativa—finding myself at the gym having a killer workout or out just enjoying myself not even a half hour later. On nights where I lie wide awake with a running mind, I roll over and smoke a bowl of indica—finding myself passing out not minutes later. 

Remember when I said it was a magical plant?

It is! 

But I’ll be honest, my experiences with cannabis haven’t always been as positive as they are today. When I first started consuming, my mind would instantly be overcome with subconscious thoughts that had been weighing on me. If I was stressed because of work, having a tough time in a relationship, struggling with bills—that’s what controlled my smoke sessions and it would often lead to more intense anxiety, or worse—a panic attack.

Today, I’m a firm believer in intentional smoking as it allows you to control the session, and even make it a productive one if you wish! 

So the first thing I ask myself before lighting up is, “What is my intent for the magic of this plant?” and I determine how my session will be—rather than my subconscious deciding for me.

And now, it’s your turn to grab a jay and begin setting your intention—

Step 1: Take a deep breath, hold for 3 seconds, and exhale. Repeat x 3. 

Step 2: Express gratitude for the plant and the power it holds before you.

Step 3: Set your intention.

The third step is the trickiest if it’s your first time consuming cannabis with mindful intent. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get those juices flowing: 

Am I intending to tap into my creativity? 

Knock out some work?

Do I want to relax? 

Or maybe I should push through a tough workout instead?

Do I want to feel sad and dwell on past memories? 

Or do I want to envision my future?

Am I hoping to be in control of my thoughts during this session? 

Or will I let my subconscious thoughts overcome me?

By thinking through your intention for the plant each time you consume, you’re directing your higher self to the very outcome you hope unfolds. Most importantly, when you consciously decide what it is you want from cannabis, your subconscious is no longer able to decide for you. 

You have full control of your mind. Use it to elevate your next session to a higher level in the fourth and final step—my personal favorite. 

Step 4: Consume cannabis and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Malabella Jewels only recommends consuming marijuana in legal states and does not condone illegal use. 

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels

Cannabis ~ Earl’s Fine Herbs of Leadville, CO

Written + Captured by Alex Foster

Alex has a background in social media marketing + works for Malabella Jewels as a Virtual Marketing Freelancer. She’s an obsessed dog + cat mom of two little m&m’s—Memphis the golden retriever and Mole the kitty. Alex + her partner, Zach, love traveling, and recently started an adventure in their new tiny house on wheels!

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