October Tarot Reading for the Collective

As we entered October under a full moon, it’s no question that this month will be full of energy and change. As full moons evoke new beginnings, this time offers us a chance to leave the negativity from last month behind and embark on positive change. Here’s what tarot cards predicted for what lies ahead this month.

Card 1: Theme for the month

Two of Pentacles shows a man juggling the two pentacles. Bound by the infinity sign, the juggler shows that he can balance an infinite amount of things as long as he manages his time well. This card suggests that this month will be full of different responsibilities to juggle, but you will be able to handle it. The card even suggests that you will exceed your expectations and be pleasantly surprised with your capability to balance everything. Be flexible as new problems, responsibilities, or challenges arise within either your family, friends, work or other main areas of your life.

While you’ll be able to handle whatever this month throws at you, that’s not to say that it’ll be easy. You may feel like you’re constantly going and going, leaving little time to relax. While this month may bring more to tackle, remember to take care of yourself along the way. Self-care is always important, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes, the most productive thing is taking a break, and that’s okay. Remember that in order to keep going and balancing responsibilities, you need to let yourself recharge eventually. 

As this month brings more to juggle, don’t lose sight of the big picture. Take breaks when you need to, and reflect on what is going to come out of this hectic time. Striking a balance is going to be important this month. Once you find that sweet spot between productivity and self-care, you can take whatever comes your way. 

Card 2: Obstacles

After reading the theme for October, it’s no surprise to see that one of the major obstacles for this month will be with feeling stuck in a routine. The Knight of Pentacles is shown sitting on a horse, and in the background is land that has been plowed row by row. This symbolizes that besides the tireless labor that goes into “building your land,” you’re willing to put in the work to reach your dreams, even if the ride there can be monotonous. 

While working hard or balancing hundreds of things at once, it’s easy to get into a routine. I mean, why change what you’re doing if your schedule gets the job done? While this will work in the short run, it will likely leave you feeling tired after a while. There’s plenty of boredom that can come from following your usual grind, and this month is likely to leave you feeling like your days just keep repeating themselves.

To avoid that, make an effort to find some ways to allow yourself to do something new each day. Even if that’s something small, like trying something new for dinner or playing some new tunes while cleaning, do something to keep things fresh. This card invites you to embrace your spontaneity to prevent yourself from feeling stuck and burning out.

Card 3: Advice and encouragement

This card shows the King of Swords holding a sword in his right hand (the side of the conscious, rational self) and leaves his left hand free (the side of the subconscious, intuitive self).  This symbolizes the balance and flexibility between the two minds, and it brings ease to making smart decisions. When reversed, this card focuses on the more intuitive, quiet self. 

There is a lot of power and strength within yourself, and it will be key to focus on that energy this month. Trust your intuition, and let your inner voice guide you through your decisions. This card specifically calls to connect with your higher self and reflect on what truly matters to you. If you feel like you’re lacking clarity this month, reach into yourself to find out why. 

Written + Captured by Christy McDermott

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Christy McDermott is currently a senior from Penn State studying journalism. In her free time, she loves to create art and write for her blog. Some of her passions include fashion, traveling, skin care + expressing her creativity.

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