NEW YEAR, NEW READING: end of 2020 tarot pull for the collective

As the rollercoaster of 2020 finally comes to an end, it’s safe to say that anything will be better than this year. After such a confusing and uncertain year, we’ll soon be graced with a fresh start in 2021. These cards are here to give a heads up as to what you can expect for the new year. 

Card 1: Current state/self

Six of Wands represents riding out of the chaos (very fitting for this new year). After a difficult year, this card suggests that you used your strengths to persevere through all of the challenges that arose this past year. This card also encourages you to be proud of yourself for your resilience and to reflect on how far you’ve come. Don’t be shy to share your progress with others as they are ready to cheer you on! 

Card 2: Theme for the year

The reversed Six of Pentacles represents the need for sincere self-love. It is very important to make sure you are taking care of yourself and hold yourself to high standards. Do not settle for one-sided relationships where you constantly feel like you are giving and giving without reciprocation. Guard your energy closely in 2021 and be careful of others who may take advantage of your kindness. This is going to be a year to not necessarily be selfish but to fall in love with yourself and do what is truly best for you. 

Card 3: What will be accomplished?

Similar to the previous card, the reversed Lovers signifies realizing your self-worth. This will be a time that pushes you to reflect on yourself and the value you bring into others’ lives. By doing this, you will have a renewed sense of respect for yourself that will result in cutting toxic people out of your life. Specifically, this could mean cutting ties with someone who does not reciprocate the time and energy to put into the relationship. 

Card 4: What should be avoided?

The reversed King of Pentacles asks you to take a closer look at your relationship with money. Have you become obsessed with earning money to the point where you’re overworked or never satisfied? Do you spend excessive amounts of money? These are all questions this card represents, and it is asking to avoid becoming money-obsessed. If you currently have a bad relationship with your money, this could be a sign that your habits could soon affect the relationships around you and your wellbeing.  

Card 5: What should be embraced?

The Hermit signifies that spending time alone should be embraced in 2021. This card isn’t about being lonely, rather the time you do spend alone will lead to self-discovery and growth. Take a break every once in a while from everyday life and draw your attention inwards. This is a sign that in 2021 you will have a renewed respect for the energy you hold and will finally reach a fuller, authentic sense of self. By turning away from materialistic forces and other people’s opinions, you will find that the light within yourself will guide you to becoming a higher version of yourself. Through meditation and self-reflection, you will have a much deeper, spiritual understanding of yourself, and some of your priorities may change as a result. 

Card 6:  What obstacles will be faced?

Justice reversed indicates an injustice or unfairness. You may find yourself being treated unjustly by others or find that you’re unfairly suffering the consequences of others’ actions. If this is the case, it’s best to remain calm and use the situation as an opportunity to learn and grow. If you find yourself creating this unfair/unjust situation, this card says to own up to your actions. Rather than blaming other people or avoiding the situation, accept the consequences and move forward with more self-awareness. 

Card 7: Where to find support

Going along with the theme of the year, the reversed Ace of Cups is literally called the self-love card. This card suggests to become your biggest supporter and to fill yourself with love and happiness. Before trying to fix and help everyone around you, start with yourself and devote your energy to bettering yourself. 

Card 8: What action should be taken in 2021

The Empress is the mother card that represents things like fertility, creativity, grace, femininity, nurturing and abundance. This suggests that it will be important to get in tune with your feminine energy and to bring pleasure and beauty into your life. Whether you identify as a woman or not, feminine energy is present in everyone and is needed to bring balance. Like the Mother Earth archetype, this card signifies the importance of reconnecting with nature. You may find that you feel especially at peace while walking through the woods or relaxing by the beach. More specifically as the mother archetype, this can signify birth. This could either mean literally giving birth and having a child, or more commonly, giving birth to a new idea or endeavor. 

This card also asks you to connect with your senses through touch, taste, sound, smell and sight. That could mean expressing yourself through music, indulging in your favorite foods, getting a massage, traveling and any other pleasurable experience. This is a sign that 2021 will be full of abundance and that you will want to experience every bit of it, especially after such a difficult year. 

Card 9: Advice and encouragement

Three of Wands suggests that this year will be full of growth and transformation; however, you might have a difficult time leaving your comfort zone. While picking the safe option can be more comforting, this card advises you that it could be hindering your full potential for growth. If you don’t leave your comfort zone this year, you may close yourself off from new opportunities and limit what you’re truly capable of. 

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Written + Captured by Christy McDermott

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Christy McDermott is currently a senior from Penn State studying journalism. In her free time, she loves to create art and write for her blog. Some of her passions include fashion, traveling, skin care + expressing her creativity.

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