At Malabella our muses are our source of inspiration, a wellspring for us to create a collection that represents and carries the stories and intentions we infuse into the jewels.  Often times we wait to finalize designs until we’ve found our perfect muse and add pieces and edits that we believe our muse would wear during her travels and as a source of growth, meaning, and purpose.

When we met Mollie we knew she would be the perfect Muse to bring to life the story of Daydreamin’, a collection that whisks you away into a flower-gilded countryside, with easy breezy thoughts that sail on the wind. She is both sassy and sweet, and when you are around her you feel like you can’t have enough fun. She is goofy, beyond talented, and is a true joy to work with. Meet our muse, Mollie Mclaughlin….








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Malabella: What do you love to do for fun? 
Mollie: I drink (and learn about) wine, I practice yoga, I love to hike, and I love watching films.

M: What’s your sun sign?
M: Gemini/Cancer cusp sun (no really, like right on THE cusp) …Leo rising, Aries moon!

M: What are your favorite forms of expression?
M: For me? Painting and photography. From others? Music and Poetry.
M: What inspired you to become a model?
M: It just kinda fell into my lap when I was living in Portland! I ended up loving it.

M: What is your favorite kind of modeling to take part in?
M: I really love jewellery modelling because I get to help show off someone else’s artwork!
M: What’s a daily ritual you practice?
M: My skincare routine. Every night. I literally cannot fall asleep without doing my skincare routine.
M: What is your favorite mantra or intention?
M: Manifestation of your reality & being a magnet for energies you wish to surround yourself with! We are all gods and goddesses who can change the fabric of our reality if we so wish! All we need to do is be aware of our abilities. We are such powerful beings!!
M: Where are you originally from and where have you lived/traveled to? Which place is your favorite?
M: I’m from Virginia, which is where I currently live (thanks COVID!) but up until the pandemic started, I was living in Melbourne, Australia. Before Australia, I lived in Portland, OR. And places I’ve travelled to include Iceland, Denmark, Croatia, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, Czech Republic, and Germany. Also, all over the United States when I took a 4 month-long road trip around this country. My favourite place to live was without a doubt Melbourne. My favourite place I’ve travelled to is a tie between Iceland, Czech Republic, and Italy. Copenhagen, Denmark was also so incredible that my boyfriend and I almost moved there! But then we moved to Aus instead.
M: You hold a wine glass like no other. Are you a red or white gal?
M: You can’t ask me that!! I love them both so much. There is so much vast variety in each category. I love a good skin contact gewürztraminer but I also love a good carbonic maceration Beaujolais!! 
M: What’s your all-time favorite wine?
M: My all time favourite wine that I’ve had (so far) is probably a tie between a bottle of 2016 Moulin-À-Vent (which is a Cru in Beaujolais) by Philippe Pacalet, a 2008 Jura Chardonnay that was aged sus-voile for 7 years, and a bottle of Champagne called “Substance” from legendary winemaker Jacques Selosse!!

M: What’s your favorite piece from Daydreamin’ and why?
M: I just love the Sun Tarot Card necklace!! I love the Phoenix too, I have that one and I wear it every day! They’re both so stunning!

M: Sunrise or Sunset? 
M: I wanna say sunrise, because it’s a beautiful moment that melts into another beautiful day, and then you have that whole day ahead of you. The magic has just begun!! But, alas, I am rarely ever up for sunrises, because I always staying up late drinking wine…

~ Malabella Jewels

Muse ~ Mollie Mclaughlin

Photography ~ Katherine Manley x Hannah Skedsvold

Still Edits ~ Carrie Anne Kelly x Hannah Skedsvold

Clothing ~ Twice is Nice Consignment Boutique // Winchester, VA
Camixa // Online Store

BTS Magic ~ John Le

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