Alchemy Film ~ Behind the magic

Alchemy ~ a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

We’re so excited to show you a little sneak peek of our newest collection Alchemy dropping with it’s first drop this Thursday 4/29 at 7pm EST. This beautiful collection was inspired in the darkness, birthed in transition, and brought into the light adorned on muses Condrea and Philip, both incredibly talented muses who radiate quiet confidence, magical creativity, and a breath of fresh air. More details to follow…

Alchemy Spring + Summer 2021 Collection Behind the Scenes

Muses ~ Condrea Zhuang + Philip Graham

Photography ~ Black Valley Creative + Hannah Skedsvold

Production ~ Black Valley Creative

Videography ~ Snowfox Films

Creative Direction ~ Hannah Skedsvold

Assisting ~ Elizabeth Fox

Clothing ~ Twice is Nice Boutique

Makeup ~ Kismet Cosmetics

Location + Wine ~ Star in the Valley

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels

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