Happy September 1st, fellow witches! Our favorite season has begun to land – filled with crisp, cool air, delicacies of apples and hot tea, and last but not least – sweater weather. Here in the mountains of Virginia, we’ve been sweating through a humid, boisterous Summer and we’re more than ready to indulge in the cozy atmosphere of moving towards the Fall Equinox. With the opening taste of Autumn, new beginnings arise. Let go of the tension that the dense solstice rays laid upon us, and welcome the opportunity to breathe a little less heavy and stay home a little more.

The days will start to feel shorter, and the light will last less and less. Through sweet darkness, comes a time to be quiet and reflect. What have you accomplished this year so far? Who have you felt your relationships grow stronger with? What moments have meant the most to you? Try writing these snippets down: to cherish them, to remind yourself of the beauty surrounding you, to turn to the world with a grateful heart.

With the release of sweet Summer, comes moments to be more still. Bask in the comfort of home, the joy of your loved ones, and the ability to slow down. Find and create new recipes, cuddle up with a blanket and a good book, start a routine of a cup of lavender chamomile before bedtime each night. With the hustle and bustle of the career-driven world we live in, we often forget to take time to just live. What have you forgotten that you love?

Spend time in nature. Our nervous systems reset when we return to our roots and respire in the air that gives us life. Allow yourself to travel with no requirements, and wistfully explore the ground that you walk on. Appreciate the age of the trees that give us breath, the sky that gives us room the roam, the air that blows through our hair.

September has arrived – let her carry you away.

Written + Captured by Katherine Manley

Katherine Manley is a creative goddess working as Malabella Jewels’ Assistant Director of Operations. She loves pickles, photography, and good music.


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