Ayer Lookbook + Drop Breakdown Part I

Ayer is a story of gentle healing and the mountains that hold and nurture us. Inspired by some of the oldest mountains in the world our beautiful Blue Ridge & Appalachian Mountains hold some of the most potent healing energy with deep reverence, grounding, and clarity. Embedded with forests of emerald green, cleansing waterfalls, clusters of vibrant butterflies, singing birds, and wildlife’s healing herbs this area has seen me as my best of times and my worst. A home I hold so sacred and precious – an ode to the mountains. 

This year has been an incredibly difficult year for me as I navigate intense health flares of my chronic illness. I’ve been at my lowest and have felt incredibly hopeless and lost – however, it’s taught me lessons I would have never gone to the depths of on my own. I’ve learned how I operate from deep conditioning, experiences, and mental patterns and have dived into the deepest healing journey I’ve ever navigated. Through nervous system healing and nourishing, healing meditations, support from the closest around me and taking charge as my own health advocate I’m slowly and gently healing. Like all Malabella collections – Ayer is a very personal story and intimate look at my inner most world. A story of loss, healing, setting boundaries, trusting intuition, and using courage and strength to heal.

Above all, I’m sending love and deep healing to my community. To the artists who struggle with mental health. To people who feel less seen, heard, or represented. To our health care workers who are beyond exhausted. To our families who are healing generations of patterns. To our friends who move into new life journey’s. I’m sending love.


Hannah Ayers Le Skedsvold

Ayer Lookbook Part I

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels

Muse ~ Giuliana Gonzalez

Photography ~ Black Valley Creative

Editing ~ Hannah Le Skedsvold

Creative Direction ~ Hannah Le Skedsvold + Black Valley Creative

Production ~ Black Valley Creative

Make-Up Artist ~ Camm Beauti

Clothing ~ Twice is Nice Consignment Boutique

Assistance ~ Trevor Manley + Moriah Manley

Drop Breakdown

Golden Jewels

Thursday, October 7 @ 7pm EST

Emerald Jewels

Thursday, October 21 @ 7pm EST

Sunstone Jewels (Lookbook Part II)

Thursday, November 4 @ 7pm EST

Moonstone Jewels (Lookbook Part II)

Thursday, November 18 @ 7pm EST

Zodiac Coin Necklace

Thursday, December 2

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