First Look ~ Rest Day Part I

Sweet rest and rejuvenation our spring collection is inspired by precious rest days. Days filled of yummy solitude, music, dancing, animal kisses, and our very own essence and intention. Whether your current season is asking you to dance or rest may luscious Pearls representing love, romance, and transformation and vibrant Pink Tourmaline representing gentleness during change, compassion, and unconditional love adorn your body and spirit in intention and spring beginnings.

Drop Breakdown

Pearls (entire Lookbook Part I) ~ February 17th at 7pm EST

Pink Tourmalines + Tourmaline Glass (Lookbook Part II coming soon) ~ Mid-March

Rest Day Lookbook Part I

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels

Muse ~ Hannah Le Skedsvold

Photography ~ Black Valley Creative

Editing ~ Hannah Le Skedsvold

Creative Direction ~ Hannah Le Skedsvold + Black Valley Creative

Production ~ Black Valley Creative

Clothing ~ Twice is Nice Consignment Boutique

Makeup ~ Kismet Cosmetics

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