2/22/22 Energy Read

A magical day in numerology, Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 is a day full of magical 2 energy. Most news outlets will cover today as a day of romance with 2 being the number of partnership which in our society always connects to love and marriage and while it is a magical day of union and partnership I think the energy extends even further.

A portal of opening, of new beginnings and finally progression. If you’ve been feeling stuck and a lil icky – you are not alone, it’s been 2 years of collective trauma, obstacles, and the breakdown and this energy has been stagnant and lingering showing us all the shadows within. Today feels like a collective fresh start. A moment to move forward.

The number 2 represents a multitude of meanings, some saying it represents duality, the sun and moon, yin and yang, feminine and masculine and the beautiful balance of energies. A moment to recognize the beauty in the breakdown, the strength in the lessons, and the progression created in moments of tension. Life is not easy, it never will be but there is so much beauty and richness in life’s moments. The good and the bad teach us so much and show us our life’s purpose: to love.

And yet again as spring rises, we have a moment to start anew. Today represents a fresh beginning, in balance, as a collective to move forward. It won’t be easy, there will be moments of uncertainty and disbelief but there’s hope.

Ways to Celebrate and Embrace the 2/22/22 Energy ~

1 – Connect with community + loved ones

Two’s will always represent connection as two people connect into one energy. We all influence each other so intimately, we rise and we fall together. Today is a beautiful day to connect with others whether it’s your co-workers, friends, family, or romantic connections. Spend time connecting and lifting each other up.

2 – Focus on balance in your life

Write intentions that will create more balance and harmony in your life. Do you need more time to rest and restore? Do you need to move your body from a place of love? Do you need to spend more time in nature instead of inside? Write down a new intention that’ll restore more balance in your life.

3 – Move some “wishlist to-do’s” into action

Is there something you’ve been wanting to start but have been too scared? Today is a great day to take that tiny first step forward. Break down your dreams into small actions and spend even just 5 minutes today starting…

4 – Connect with nature

Nature is the most beautiful teacher of duality, light and dark, and healing. Spend even 5 minutes outside and soak in your local environment’s energy. Learn to let go from the rain, to move from the wind, to re-energize from the sun, and to refresh from the cold. Take a deep breathe in and just be … even for a moment.

How are you celebrating today’s epic numerology? Take a quick moment to soak in today’s energy as we move forward…

Written by: Hannah Skedsvold

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