First Look ~ Cosmic

If there’s been one constant in my life recently it’s been repeating numbers, angel numbers. Every single day I see a variation of 222, 333, 444, 11-11, and 10-10 and apparently I’m not alone. Many people see repeating numbers often and they are known to be a sign from the universe, a higher being, or angels and guides in our lives. Each number carries a special meaning and message for us and is a beautiful reminder that we are on the right path. Our Cosmic collection was inspired and born from the stars, from the unknown, and the little signs we see. We’ve revamped our Zodiac Coin necklaces and added some beautiful Zodiac Spell Necklaces along with corresponding bracelets and fresh new cards explaining their meaning and purpose. Whether you believe in Astrology and Angel numbers or not they can be a sweet and fun way to celebrate this life, the cosmos and life’s lil messages…

Here’s a first look at Cosmic dropping April 28 at 7pm EST with our beloved artisan Lizzy as our muse.

Cosmic Jewels drop Thursday 4/28 at 7pm EST

Jewelry – Malabella Jewels

Muse – Lizzy Fox

Photography – Black Valley Creative

Editing – Earthen Creative

Styling – Black Valley Creative + Earthen Creative

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