First Look ~ Blue Lagoon

Inspired by the gems themselves, Blue Lagoon is a luxe blue extension of our signature gemstone ear threaders and baby hoop earrings with genuine Tanzanite, Larimar, and Turquoise. Enjoy this first look at Blue Lagoon and the special gems that radiate peace, creativity, and the energy of summer featuring our amazing Katherine as muse.

Tanzanite is the ultimate self-exploration stone transmuting energy into high vibrations, insight, and self-awakening. Violet blue in color Tanzanite is calming, protective, and meditative allowing insight into the emotional body while aiding in letting go of negative energies. Tanzanite is a rare stone and is highly valued for its ability to connect to the self through intuitive knowing, openness to new ideas, visions, and dreams, and a spiritual connection. It connects the crown, third eye, and throat chakras leading to purposeful action and communication and may be the perfect companion for those seeking change in career.

Dive into deep Caribbean blue sea with Larimar, the Stone of Sea and Sky. Found only on the island of the Dominican Republic, this gem embodies the ebb and flow of the waters it resembles. It exudes tranquility and helps to soothe extreme emotions, creating a “go with the flow” attitude. Its cleansing properties clear the Throat Chakra, allowing for candid communications. Larimar is associated with femininity, increases new creativity, and  channels the energies of the Sea, Sky, and Earth Goddesses. Good for those who are seeking their soulmate, as well as those who wish to reconnect with their inner water deity.

Turquoise like its name and veined with soft creams and browns, this gemstone was sacred to ancient cultures worldwide. It carries infinite wisdom and is known to purify the mind, the body, and the soul. Turquoise is a cleansing stone, encouraging the willingness to accept what is and what is not. It also promotes creative problem solving and stabilizes volatile moods. Keep Turquoise with you to spread your wings and fly with the spirit of wide open blue skies. 

Jewels drop in both Sterling Silver and Gold on 5/26 at 7pm EST

Jewelry – Malabella Jewels

Muse – Katherine Manley

Photography – Earthen Creative

Styling – Earthen Creative

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