Meet the Muse ~ Bria

At Malabella, our muses are our source of inspiration, a wellspring for us to create a collection that represents and carries the stories and intentions we infuse into the jewels.  Often times we wait to finalize designs until we’ve found our perfect muse and add pieces and edits that we believe our muse would wear during their travels and as a source of growth, meaning, and purpose.

I met Bria years ago at a pop up shop at Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Washington, DC and we hit it off immediately. She is the kindest, sweetest soul and has an incredible sense of style I envy. When looking for a muse for our Summer collection, Solstice, I knew she’d be the perfect fit! I was looking for a muse who embodied soft sensuality, power, and warmth and Bria brought to life my vision and more as we shot her for our campaign. She moves like a goddess, using her experience in pole dancing, has incredible strength, and knew exactly how to move her body to capture our jewels in their perfect light.

Meet our muse, Bria…

Malabella: What do you love to do for fun?

Bria: My idea of fun is taking walks in nature with my chiweenie puppy, browsing thrift stores and consignment shops, dancing at DJ sets and day parties, picnicking in the park, and meeting my friends for happy hour. 

M: What’s your sun sign?
B: I am a gemini through and through.

M: What are your favorite forms of expression?
B: I am always finding new hobbies and ways to express myself. Over the last year I have discovered a love for pole dancing and I can’t get enough. Pole dancing brings me fully into my body and my sensuality. I love feeling empowered, challenged, and sexy. 

M: What inspired you to start modeling?

B: I’ve dabbled here and there with some small opportunities to model for local artists, photographers, and brands. I take any chance I get to work with creatives and have my image captured because, for most people, I don’t think we get to see all of our beauty captured in art very often. I have struggled so much with my body image over the years and modeling is a way to see and celebrate myself as art.

M: What is your favorite kind of modeling to take part in?

B: I once posed for an artist to paint my portrait. I felt like an ancient grecian statue and I loved the stillness of that experience. 

M: What’s a daily ritual that you practice?

B: My daily rituals are kind of mundane, but they keep me grounded. One daily ritual that I cannot do without is a cup of dandelion tea in the morning. I started drinking it as a coffee replacement and then realized how wonderful it was for helping with inflammation, not to mention how comforting it is to hold a hot mug of tea.

M: What is your favorite mantra or intention?

B: I have a few, but my favorite right now is “Gratitude is the currency of life.” This reminds me to be gracious and give thanks everyday, and the universe will continue to provide for me.

M: Where are you originally from and where have you lived/traveled to? Which place is your favorite? 

B: I am a Maryland girl born and raised. I currently live in Washington D.C., but I’m very grateful to have traveled all over the world. I have a very dear place in my heart for Mexico and my favorite place I have ever visited is probably Bali, Indonesia. 

M: What are your favorite parts about living in DC? Do you have a favorite spot to hang out?

B: I never thought I would enjoy living in the city, but since moving here three years ago I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy it. My favorite things about living in DC are the variety of things to do! I am always trying new restaurants and bars, classes and activities, and parks and museums. Plus being able to drive to mountains, lakes, and beaches all within about 3 hours is ideal.

M: Where do you see yourself in five years?

B: My five year plan is constantly changing (LOL gemini). Right now, in five years I hope to be freelancing as a health and wellness writer, competing in pole dance competitions, and continuing to travel the world with my friends and my partner. 

M: What’s your favorite piece from the Summer Collection and why?

B: It’s hard to choose! My favorite pieces are the butterfly necklace and the anklets. Butterflies represent transformation and hope. Similar to butterflies, I kind of consider myself a delicate beauty and I am always challenging myself to shed my layers to become my most authentic self. As for anklets – people of feminine expression have been wearing anklets for thousands of years. Adorning my ankles and feet feels like the physical embodiment of the divine feminine energy that lives inside of me. If you want to feel like a god/goddess, put on an anklet!

M: Sunrise or Sunset?

B: Sunset. That golden hour, warm, pink and orange glow of a sunset is unmatched. Everyday at around the same time, I catch the sunset from my bedroom window and I can physically feel myself relax.

Jewels – Malabella Jewels

Muse – Bria

Production – Black Valley Creative

Photography – Black Valley Creative

Assistant – Natalia Ventura

Editing – Earthen Creative

Styling – Earthen Creative

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