First Look ~ Solstice I

sol·sticenoun – either of the two points on the ecliptic at which its distance from the celestial equator is greatest and which is reached by the sun each year about June 21 and December 21

Solstices are moments of transition, of dark to light, a culminating point, a turning point. The cycle of the sun represents the cycle of our life, an ever flowing of energy reflecting our own personal journeys. Our Solstice collection was inspired by the Summer Solstice, a representation of nourishment, abundance, and light. We shift into new beginnings and nourish ourselves and others just as the Sun nourishes us. Ever inspired by the healing journey, a solstice represents a culmination of all the lessons you’ve learned and is a time to step out into the daylight with integration and knowing of what you’ve learned. A time to be in the body, moving, loving, and creating, Summer is a luscious time full of the most beautiful embodiment.

Solstice is our beautiful summer collection full of luscious gold drips, high quality gold filled chains, high vibrational blue and purple gems, and sweet and playful charms. Brought to life by a dear friend to Malabella, muse Bria radiates, glows, and dances in our Solstice collection like the goddess she is.

Here is our first look at Solstice drop I, dropping this Thursday 7/7 at 7pm for all the luscious summer portal energy…

Our first drop of Solstice will include two belly chains and five anklets. Our beautiful belly chains are multi- seasonal and can also be worn as a double wrapped/layered necklace as seen on Bria. One belly chain is crafted with 14k Goldfilled guaranteed to last for decades and one is of high quality Gold Plated. Two of our anklets are crafted with 14k Goldfilled and three are crafted with Gold Plate.

Jewels drop 7/7 at 7pm EST on

Jewels – Malabella Jewels

Muse – Bria

Production – Black Valley Creative

Photography – Black Valley Creative

Assistant – Natalia Ventura

Editing – Earthen Creative

Styling – Earthen Creative

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