7 Self-Love Rituals and Practices


Hello sweet Bellas! We are moving and grooving here at headquarters (aka spare room studio), designing new pieces, collaborating with more and more creators, and traveling with our jewels to meet our wonderful tribe face-to-face. Describing this time as crazy would be a serious understatement. We’re loving this time of adventure and movement, but boy does the chaos take its toll. Trying to run a successful, centered, and ethical business while also making time for our besties, treating our SO to some special one-on-one time, calling Mom on her birthday, and showing up for post-work yoga with our coworkers can sometimes feel like waaaaay too much.


We know how difficult it can be to slow down and take time for ourselves amidst the whirl of tasks and emotions we take on in an effort to show love for our friends, families, co-workers, and community. Lately, we’ve been searching for some inspiration to re-discover the tenderness and thoughtfulness we’re capable of giving ourselves when we take the opportunity to let self-love flourish. So we’ve gathered a list of our very favorite, most indulgent, luxurious little rituals and practices that help us to care for our hard working bodies and far-reaching souls. Because when we take these little moments for ourselves, we nurture our best, most wholesome selves. We allow ourselves to become the spirit that goes forth and spreads light into the world.

Take a quick moment for yourself and read through our carefully curated list to see how you can show that gorgeous soul a little well earned TLC!

1. Be gentle with your present self 


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Take time to recognize and acknowledge whatever feelings are stirring your soul, and accept that they are natural and will flow through you. Whether it’s joy, shame, pride, hurt, confusion, indecision,  lust, passion – let it have its moment. Accept where you are right now in the present moment. If your injured or healing, be gentle with yourself. All things in nature are a beautiful ebb and flow, including you. Then when you’re ready, let it move on. No need to rush or hide.

2. Cleanse your body with a bath


Everyone’s first thought when we say self-care is a luscious bath and for good reason! Jump on the opportunity to get in a good long soak in the tub, and just release what no longer serves. Thoughts, emotions, sore muscles, let it all melt away. I’m currently obsessed with adding a Chasin’ Unicorns ‘s bath bomb to all my baths. WARNING ~ You will become addicted. They use all natural ingredients (no dyes!) that leave your skin siiiiiiilky smooth, no stickiness post rub-down AND each bomb dissolves into a raw surprise crystal. What else could a boho babe ask for?

3. Practice a setting intentions ritual


New Moon Mala capture by @outboundyogi {Instagram} ~ Click here to shop.


Find a quiet place to think about what you want for yourself, and how it might manifest in your life. Burn some Palo Santo to cleanse, free write in your journal, and set a new intention with your jewels. To learn more about creating a setting intentions ritual, check out our full page on setting intentions and meditation here.


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4. Spend some quality time with Mother Earth


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When things get overwhelming, get back to the places where the dirt and green things live, sweet Mama Earth. Maybe that’s the closest national park or maybe it’s your own back yard. Just get some fresh air in your lungs and some soft ground underfoot. The rest will work itself out. Our favorite ~ walk barefoot, get those tootsies dirty!

5. Nourish your body with high vibrational foods


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We all know our body is a temple. So treat it like one! Give it the wholesome, honest fuel it deserves. Green juice is one of our favorite, easiest, and tastiest ways to serve yourself. When you eat good, you feel good.

6. Create a sacred space


Having a place to retreat to can make a monumental difference in your day. Find a space you can make your own, maybe create an altar and adorn it with your favorite jewels, herbs, and incense. Know that when you come to it, you leave everything that doesn’t serve your intentions at the door.

7. Take time for creativity


Indulge in a little creative energy. Some of us make time for it every day, and some of us haven’t really thought about it since our finger painting days. No matter what your interest or skill level, sit down and try it. Write, paint, dance, craft, or create your own yoga flow. Your soul will thank you for it.

Let us know what your favorite self-love practices are in the comments below!

Photos courtesy of Instagram and Pinterest ~ All jewels are Malabella Jewels

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