Wandering Star Lookbook


She walks the earth freely, yet her feet never touch the ground. Many hands will reach for her, but she cannot be anchored. She belongs to no one, to nothing, to nowhere. When you meet her, you will recognise her for who she is- a free spirit, a wandering star. She will fit in your arms like she was made to be there. And she will show you what it means to hold something you can never hold onto.

-Lang Leav


Wandering Star was inspired and designed for my free-spirited gypsies living life untethered from societal pressures, carving each step through love, ease, and freedom. Whether you’re a world traveler, festival gypsy, or creative influencer you rock my world and this collection is for you!

This gorgeous lookbook was shot in magical Thailand by the ever talented Emma Eunoia with goddess muse Caila.

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Wandering Star Collection ~ Malabella Jewels

Shop the collection here

Muse ~ Caila ( @cailalalalaa )

Photography ~ Emma Eunoia  ( @emma_eunoia )

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