BTS: Shakti Behind the Scenes

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When Hannah reached out to ask us to create a film for her, I was overjoyed. Oleg and I have worked together for almost 3 years now, but in the last year I feel our work has grown and improved tenfold. I was itching for an opportunity to show off what we can do now, and the idea was perfect:

A collection based on the idea of Shakti, the creative force of the universe. Movement, birth, creation — everything. All forward motion can be traced back to this ancient, sacred energy.

Y’know The Big Bang? That’d be Shakti, too.

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Our Muse, Prisma, was the perfect selection for this film. A mover by nature, she’s a wonderfully graceful dancer in addition to being a talented fitness instructor. The jewels, of course, suited her like a dream.

We shot at beautiful Cochiti Lake, part of the Pueblo de Cochiti, New Mexico. A frigid winter day was broken up by moments of sunshine, and we did jumping jacks and squats to stay warm. Our Muse bravely bore the cold on her bare skin, and we sold the middle of February in the high desert as a gorgeous summer day.

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The jewels seem like they could have just appeared out of the desert Earth, and their golden, rosy tones gave me the inspiration for our film:

Shakti: Born of the Earth.


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The Goddess, Shakti, awakens from her dormant state to illuminate the desert with her energy. As she moves through the desert, the force of Shakti moves through her, from her, of her, and leaves the desert adorned with movement, sound, and golden light.

We had a blast creating the content for this collection—we being our dedicated team: Oleg on camera, Aleka assisting, Prisma as our Muse, and (duh) Ellen, calling the shots off-screen. I sincerely hope that y’all find a sliver of the joy I do while basking in this film + these images.

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BTS Blog Written by Director Ellen Humphreys

Shakti Jewels landing March 2nd for the Full Moon in Virgo

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Ellen Humphreys is a classically-trained actor, yoga teacher and light worker. She helps people find tools to guide them on a spiritual path, and loves love. She lives in Santa Fe with her partner and their German Shepherd. Instagram @outboundyogi

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