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Meet our Muse: Prisma Avery


When creating Shakti, a collection inspired by the strength, energy, and abundance I imagined a gorgeous goddess rising, in the high New Mexican desert, dancing, flowing, and feeling her energy pulse through her skin and bones. I imagined a beautiful raw spirit who could exude both fiercness and softness in the same breathe. A strong graceful warrior woman empowering her fellow sisters with her radiant warmth and creative expressions. I imagined Prisma Avery, our newest muse for our new collection, Shakti, dropping March 2nd for the full moon in Virgo.

Brew a cup of tea, peep into our new lookbook, and get to know our Shakti Muse, Prisma ~

Muse ~ Prisma Avery @prismaalexandra & @rise.barre

Jewels ~ Malabella Jewels “Shakti” dropping March 2nd

Creative Director ~ Ellen Humphreys @outboundyogi

Photographer ~ Oleg Bolotov @bolotovcocktail

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